From Dosa to Gulab Jamun: Tapri Brings India’s Iconic Street Eats to Rosalie Village

Rosalie Village has a new destination for authentic Indian street food with the opening of Tapri restaurant. 

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Tapri offers an array of mouthwatering Indian snacks and dishes at budget prices, making it the perfect spot for a quick bite before or after catching a movie at Blue Room Cinebar located just next door.

The owners’ passion for Indian food led them to launch their flagship restaurant Old Monk – Modern Indian in 2022, which was nominated for best Indian restaurant in Queensland its first year. 

Tapri team (Photo credit:

Now their expertise and enthusiasm is on display at Tapri, bringing diners an authentic taste of India’s vibrant street food culture right in the heart of Rosalie Village.

Photo credit: Darshan Pandya/Google Maps 

The menu highlights include an array of flavorful chatori chat appetisers like aloo laccha, tokri, crispy kale, and palak or samosa channa chaat. Be sure to also try the Chinese Bhel, a tasty combination of fried noodles, homemade slaw, and Szechuan chutney. 

Samosa channa chat (Photo credit: @tapribne/Instagram) 

For an iconic Indian street snack, Dahi Puri is a must-try – puffy fried bread filled with a zesty mix of potato, chickpeas, yogurt, and chutney. 

Tapri also serves up hot savoury treats like Aaloo Paranthas, the flaky flatbreads enclosing a spiced potato filling, and Hole Bhature, fluffy fried bread served with chickpea curry. Or sample the Papdi chaat, a tangy mix of fried dough wafers, tamarind chutney, yogurt, potatoes and chickpeas.

Aaloo Paranthas (Photo credit: @tapribne/Instagram)

Those with a sweet tooth must try the Gulab Jamun, fried dough balls soaked in rose-flavoured syrup for a melt-in-your-mouth experience. 

For those unfamiliar, a tapri is a small roadside tea stall or shop commonly found in India, where patrons gather to sip hot chai and enjoy street food snacks. Tapris play an integral role in Indian culture, acting as lively social hubs where people from all walks of life come together to connect over a cup of chai. 

The name Tapri aims to evoke the spirited atmosphere of these beloved community spaces, bringing people together to share great food and conversation.

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Visit Tapri at the Rosalie Village, located at 151 Baroona Rd, Paddington. They are open daily from 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Published 20-February-2024

Sunset Celebrations to Showcase Rosalie Village Precinct Upgrades

Local residents are invited to celebrate the completion of the highly-anticipated Rosalie Village Precinct Project with a series of celebratory events this month, showcasing local businesses and the new streetscape.

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On the weekends of January 12-13 and 19-20, visitors can explore the revitalised area whilst enjoying live music performances from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

The celebrations will give people a taste of what the new precinct has to offer in terms of boutique shopping, dining, and entertainment.

Photo credit: Brisbane City Council 

About the Rosalie Village Precinct Project

The Rosalie Village streetscape improvement project has been finished after months of development. The shopping area has undergone renovations to upgrade the precinct.

Brisbane City Council collaborated with neighbourhood residents on plans to revitalise the space for both locals and visitors. The redesigned village features new amenities aimed at enhancing walkability and creating an inviting community gathering place.

Photo credit: Brisbane City Council

The Rosalie Village renewal is part of the city’s Village Precinct Projects program. The initiative focuses on remodelling public areas across neighbourhoods in Brisbane to stimulate economic growth and bring residents together.

The improvements made to the Rosalie Village Precinct as part of the project are wide-ranging. Sections of footpath have been upgraded to exposed aggregate concrete in order to enhance accessibility, connectivity, and overall amenity. 

New garden beds and street trees have also been installed to improve the visual and physical environment of the precinct. Additionally, new public amenities like seats, stools, bins, and bike racks have been added. To bolster safety, supplementary traffic signage and line markings have been implemented at key pedestrian and traffic locations. 

Finally, public art pieces were also commissioned for the precinct to boost the amenity and identity of the shopping centre area.

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Published 2-January-2024

Rosalie Village Pedestrian Crossing Faces Uncertainty

The future of a vital pedestrian crossing in Rosalie Village hangs in the balance, causing a stir within the local community. The contentious decision to potentially remove the crossing has sparked debate, with passionate supporters and concerned local businesses expressing their viewpoints.

Sometime in mid-October 2023, residents and business owners in the Rosalie suburb received an email from Cr Clare Jenkinson of the Paddington Ward, announcing the decision to cancel the pedestrian crossing project. The crossing was slated to connect the Deli/Pharmacy and the 5 Boroughs, promoting safer pedestrian access within the vibrant Rosalie Village. It was part of the precinct project.

The email left many stakeholders disheartened, as it lacked any mention of alternative solutions, including the possibility of a traffic island to address safety concerns.

Local resident Silas Manning Rowe voiced his disappointment, citing concerns about the decision-making process. Rowe questioned the use of a survey to override a decision supported by an official Brisbane City Council (BCC) community consultation that indicated majority support (63%) for the pedestrian crossing. He emphasized the potential long-term economic benefits of enhancing pedestrian-friendliness in the area.

Sandra Haines, in response to Rowe’s concerns, clarified that Cr Jenkinson’s decision to consider cancelling the crossing was driven by feedback from local businesses. These businesses were apprehensive about losing parking spaces, a factor that could affect their economic viability. 

Ms Haines encouraged the community to provide suggestions and engage in a constructive dialogue with their councillor.

The fate of the Rosalie Village pedestrian crossing remains uncertain, with local businesses, residents, and councillors engaging in a passionate debate about the project’s future. 

As the consultation deadline looms, the community’s collective input is expected to play a significant role in determining the outcome.

Published 30-Oct-2023

Israeli Restaurant Yababa Offers Rosalie Village Delicious Vegan Meals

Did you know that Yababa, one of the latest restaurant additions to the Rosalie community, serves delicious, plant-based, Israeli cuisine?

After relocating to its new spot along Baroona Rd, the vegan Israeli restaurant Yababa opened its doors to the Brisbane public once again in early April 2021, offering people a slew of 100% plant-based dishes made entirely on-site. 

One of the restaurant’s specialties is their delicious pocket pita bread as there are many different fillings to choose from, ranging from the classic falafel, to shawarma, all the way to hummus and salads. Prices range from $10 to $20 depending on the filling inside each sandwich, with the most expensive being the falafel meal deal which comes complete with small chips and a can of soda. 

Photo credit: Facebook/Yababa

Other meals in their menu include Middle-Eastern classics such as hummus bowls which also come with many options. Customers will be able to indulge themselves with classic hummus, however they will also be able to order mesabecha — a hummus bowl served with a mix of warm chickpeas, tahini and garlic-lemon sauce. There is also Yababa’s Shakshuka, a spicy tomato and capsicum-based meal topped with two vegan eggs on a frying pan with pita bread, pickles, and tahini. 

Photo credit: Facebook/Yababa

Savoury meals aren’t the only thing available at Yababa, for the restaurant also has much to offer in the way of vegan desserts and sweets to top off main courses. They even offer vegan tarts, donuts and cakes made with substitute ingredients for those with dietary restrictions. One of their most eye-catching desserts is the Iced Donuts Rocky Road.

Photo credit: Facebook/Yababa

Reviews have generally been positive, with many happy customers lauding the restaurant’s friendly staff and delicious food. 

Absolutely delicious food. I had the gluten free veggie pattie plate and every single component of it was amazing. The staff were also really friendly  and the chef came out to say hi and check on how the meals were going. Can’t wait to come back.

Niki K.

Thank you my Pita was amazing. So tasty 🙂. I appreciate how much you cared that it was fresh for me!! Your service was lovely.

Katie C.

Absolutely delicious! Great hospitality and service, fresh ingredients- winner!

Maya C.

Yababa can be found at 1/151 Baroona Rd, Paddington, open from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Tuesdays to Thursdays, and 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Fridays to Sundays. For more information, and for the latest updates on meals, deals, dates, and other special announcements concerning the restaurant, follow their Facebook page