Sunset Celebrations to Showcase Rosalie Village Precinct Upgrades

Rosalie Village Precinct Project
Photo credit: Brisbane City Council

Local residents are invited to celebrate the completion of the highly-anticipated Rosalie Village Precinct Project with a series of celebratory events this month, showcasing local businesses and the new streetscape.

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On the weekends of January 12-13 and 19-20, visitors can explore the revitalised area whilst enjoying live music performances from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

The celebrations will give people a taste of what the new precinct has to offer in terms of boutique shopping, dining, and entertainment.

Photo credit: Brisbane City Council 

About the Rosalie Village Precinct Project

The Rosalie Village streetscape improvement project has been finished after months of development. The shopping area has undergone renovations to upgrade the precinct.

Brisbane City Council collaborated with neighbourhood residents on plans to revitalise the space for both locals and visitors. The redesigned village features new amenities aimed at enhancing walkability and creating an inviting community gathering place.

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Photo credit: Brisbane City Council

The Rosalie Village renewal is part of the city’s Village Precinct Projects program. The initiative focuses on remodelling public areas across neighbourhoods in Brisbane to stimulate economic growth and bring residents together.

The improvements made to the Rosalie Village Precinct as part of the project are wide-ranging. Sections of footpath have been upgraded to exposed aggregate concrete in order to enhance accessibility, connectivity, and overall amenity. 

New garden beds and street trees have also been installed to improve the visual and physical environment of the precinct. Additionally, new public amenities like seats, stools, bins, and bike racks have been added. To bolster safety, supplementary traffic signage and line markings have been implemented at key pedestrian and traffic locations. 

Finally, public art pieces were also commissioned for the precinct to boost the amenity and identity of the shopping centre area.

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Published 2-January-2024