Rosalie Village Pedestrian Crossing Faces Uncertainty

Rosalie Village

The future of a vital pedestrian crossing in Rosalie Village hangs in the balance, causing a stir within the local community. The contentious decision to potentially remove the crossing has sparked debate, with passionate supporters and concerned local businesses expressing their viewpoints.

Sometime in mid-October 2023, residents and business owners in the Rosalie suburb received an email from Cr Clare Jenkinson of the Paddington Ward, announcing the decision to cancel the pedestrian crossing project. The crossing was slated to connect the Deli/Pharmacy and the 5 Boroughs, promoting safer pedestrian access within the vibrant Rosalie Village. It was part of the precinct project.

The email left many stakeholders disheartened, as it lacked any mention of alternative solutions, including the possibility of a traffic island to address safety concerns.

Local resident Silas Manning Rowe voiced his disappointment, citing concerns about the decision-making process. Rowe questioned the use of a survey to override a decision supported by an official Brisbane City Council (BCC) community consultation that indicated majority support (63%) for the pedestrian crossing. He emphasized the potential long-term economic benefits of enhancing pedestrian-friendliness in the area.

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Sandra Haines, in response to Rowe’s concerns, clarified that Cr Jenkinson’s decision to consider cancelling the crossing was driven by feedback from local businesses. These businesses were apprehensive about losing parking spaces, a factor that could affect their economic viability. 

Ms Haines encouraged the community to provide suggestions and engage in a constructive dialogue with their councillor.

The fate of the Rosalie Village pedestrian crossing remains uncertain, with local businesses, residents, and councillors engaging in a passionate debate about the project’s future. 

As the consultation deadline looms, the community’s collective input is expected to play a significant role in determining the outcome.

Published 30-Oct-2023