Sunset Celebrations to Showcase Rosalie Village Precinct Upgrades

Local residents are invited to celebrate the completion of the highly-anticipated Rosalie Village Precinct Project with a series of celebratory events this month, showcasing local businesses and the new streetscape.

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On the weekends of January 12-13 and 19-20, visitors can explore the revitalised area whilst enjoying live music performances from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

The celebrations will give people a taste of what the new precinct has to offer in terms of boutique shopping, dining, and entertainment.

Photo credit: Brisbane City Council 

About the Rosalie Village Precinct Project

The Rosalie Village streetscape improvement project has been finished after months of development. The shopping area has undergone renovations to upgrade the precinct.

Brisbane City Council collaborated with neighbourhood residents on plans to revitalise the space for both locals and visitors. The redesigned village features new amenities aimed at enhancing walkability and creating an inviting community gathering place.

Photo credit: Brisbane City Council

The Rosalie Village renewal is part of the city’s Village Precinct Projects program. The initiative focuses on remodelling public areas across neighbourhoods in Brisbane to stimulate economic growth and bring residents together.

The improvements made to the Rosalie Village Precinct as part of the project are wide-ranging. Sections of footpath have been upgraded to exposed aggregate concrete in order to enhance accessibility, connectivity, and overall amenity. 

New garden beds and street trees have also been installed to improve the visual and physical environment of the precinct. Additionally, new public amenities like seats, stools, bins, and bike racks have been added. To bolster safety, supplementary traffic signage and line markings have been implemented at key pedestrian and traffic locations. 

Finally, public art pieces were also commissioned for the precinct to boost the amenity and identity of the shopping centre area.

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Published 2-January-2024

Artisan Fresh Pasta Worth the Trip: Discover Pasteio’s Handcrafted Noodles and Desserts

Craving authentic homemade pasta but lacking the skills to churn out tender noodles and rich ragu like an Italian nonna? At Pasteio in Rosalie, fresh pasta aficionados Andrea and Irene happily share the secrets behind great pasta – no trips across the Atlantic required. 

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Andrea and Irene invite diners into their passion project showcasing Italy’s finest through lovingly handcrafted pasta creations. At this artisan laboratory, it’s all about capturing authentic Italian flavour in recipes handed down from decades working in famed restaurants abroad. 

Step inside the minimalist space, warmed by exposed brick accents, and you will find cases filled with diverse pasta incarnations originating from both Northern and Southern Italy. 

Irene and Andrea with their baby (Photo credit: 

Using specialty flours like grano duro and grano tenero, Andrea and Irene craft specialties ranging from spinachy fettuccine Alfredo to rich spaghetti Bolognese. Signature sauces include osso bucco and mushroom as well as Send Crab, Eggplant and Tomato, and Spinach Garlic Pesto.

Fresh pasta
Photo credit: Pasteio/Facebook 

In addition to homemade pasta, Pasteio tempts tastebuds with a daily selection of Italian desserts like cannoli siciliani, delicate panna cotta, buttery biscotti, and the quintessential tiramisu. Cured meats, artisan cheeses, and other Italian deli products round out the savoury offerings.

Fresh pasta
Cannoli siciliani (Photo credit: Pasteio/Facebook) 

For those seeking effortless Italian fare at home, Pasteio offers clever Pasta Kits matched with the perfect pasta shape, sauce, and parmesan, ready for boiling and saucing within minutes. 

Kits range from classic ragù to vegetarian options, with crowd-pleasing carbonara, complete with guanciale and pecorino, as a front-runner.

Photo credit: Pasteio/Facebook 

Did you know Pasteio uses only free-range eggs in their egg pasta? This attention to quality ingredients shines through in every noodle and bite.

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This local gem is the perfect place to get your fresh pasta fix whilst supporting an artisan business. Once you’ve tried their pillowy gnocchi or rich tiramisu, you will surely be back for more. Visit their website for more information. 

Published 15-December-2023

Rosalie Village Pedestrian Crossing Faces Uncertainty

The future of a vital pedestrian crossing in Rosalie Village hangs in the balance, causing a stir within the local community. The contentious decision to potentially remove the crossing has sparked debate, with passionate supporters and concerned local businesses expressing their viewpoints.

Sometime in mid-October 2023, residents and business owners in the Rosalie suburb received an email from Cr Clare Jenkinson of the Paddington Ward, announcing the decision to cancel the pedestrian crossing project. The crossing was slated to connect the Deli/Pharmacy and the 5 Boroughs, promoting safer pedestrian access within the vibrant Rosalie Village. It was part of the precinct project.

The email left many stakeholders disheartened, as it lacked any mention of alternative solutions, including the possibility of a traffic island to address safety concerns.

Local resident Silas Manning Rowe voiced his disappointment, citing concerns about the decision-making process. Rowe questioned the use of a survey to override a decision supported by an official Brisbane City Council (BCC) community consultation that indicated majority support (63%) for the pedestrian crossing. He emphasized the potential long-term economic benefits of enhancing pedestrian-friendliness in the area.

Sandra Haines, in response to Rowe’s concerns, clarified that Cr Jenkinson’s decision to consider cancelling the crossing was driven by feedback from local businesses. These businesses were apprehensive about losing parking spaces, a factor that could affect their economic viability. 

Ms Haines encouraged the community to provide suggestions and engage in a constructive dialogue with their councillor.

The fate of the Rosalie Village pedestrian crossing remains uncertain, with local businesses, residents, and councillors engaging in a passionate debate about the project’s future. 

As the consultation deadline looms, the community’s collective input is expected to play a significant role in determining the outcome.

Published 30-Oct-2023

Discover Patio, The New Al Fresco Destination In Rosalie

Patio, a new al fresco destination and neighbourhood bar in Rosalie, is currently in the works by the Range Brewing team.

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Matt McIver and Gerard Martin of Range Brewing have been entertaining the thought of opening a restaurant with a large outdoor space where people could unwind, drink their beer, and soak up the wonderful Queensland weather for quite some time.

With the intention of offering such an experience, McIver and Martin are thrilled to announce the upcoming opening of Patio on Baroona Road in May 2023.

Matt McIver and Gerard Martin (Photo credit: Range Brewing/Facebook)

Patio will serve the complete menu from Jacopo’s Pizza, with a few notable additions such as a mouth-watering chicken parmigiana. Additionally,McIver and Martin are considering introducing a sandwich menu for guests visiting during lunchtime.

Photo credit: Range Brewing/Facebook

The bar will offer an eclectic array of beverages, with ten taps of Range Brewing’s exceptional beers and two taps reserved for house wines produced by Latta Vino, ensuring that there’s something to suit every taste.

Unlike the immersive beer experience found at their taprooms in Melbourne or Newstead, the vibe at Patio will be more casual, resembling a welcoming neighborhood craft beer and wine venue that feels like a comfortable home away from home.

Photo credit: Range Brewing/Facebook

With its ample size and sun-kissed ambiance, the al fresco courtyard at Patio offers an unobstructed view of Rosalie Village, creating a breathtaking backdrop for guests to enjoy a beverage or two.

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The patio area can accommodate roughly 70 guests, whilst an additional 30 people can be served indoors. The outdoor space will feature a fusion of Australian and Italian design elements, with the outdoor deck chairs serving as the perfect example. 

Patio is set to open at 146 Baroona Road, Rosalie, in the space formerly occupied by Moga Izakaya & Sushi.

Published 13-April-2023

5 Interesting Details You Might Not Know About Rosalie

Rosalie covers the short boundaries of Fernberg Road, Haig Road, and Thomas Street and is widely regarded as one of the smallest suburbs in Brisbane. Here are five interesting details to know about this neighbourhood.

1. Rosalie is dubbed “Brisbane’s forgotten daughter.”

Following its downgrade from a suburb to a locality in Paddington in the 1970s, the locality’s name has been erased from the Post Office, the buses, and public or commercial buildings. Even the locals who live on the boundaries of Rosalie via Paddington, Milton or Rainworth chose the name of the suburb they wished to live in.

2. Rosalie’s name has two origins. 

First, it was believed that Rosalie was named after a terminus by pastoralist and politician John Frederick McDougall, who bought land in the area in 1864. Mr McDougall also owned Rosalie Plains in Darling Downs.

John Frederick McDougall of Rosalie
Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

However, another version also cites that the name came from one of the local transportation servicing Oxford Estate when it was common for vehicles to bear girls’ names. But just who is Rosalie? That remains a big mystery.

3. Milton State School was formerly known as the Rosalie State School. 

Around the 1880s, Rosalie’s population grew and it was clear that a local school was needed. The government identified a site along Bayswater Road to build a single-storey structure with one classroom. In 1889, Rosalie school welcomed over 160 pupils and Alfred Wall was its first headmaster, who served for nearly three decades. Rosalie School’s name was changed to Milton School after two years.

In 1911, the Creche and Kindergarten Association of Queensland established the Rosalie Kindergarten on Elizabeth Street. Through the suburb’s changes and downgrade, enrolments did decline but the kindergarten has thrived and continues to operate as the C&K Rosalie Community Kindergarten and Preschool.

4. There used to be a Rosalie Police Station.

The police station was located on the corner of Boys Street and Fernberg Road. It was established in 1886 with Constable Thomas Macdonald as the first Officer-In-Charge. The station’s structure was demolished in 1911 and was replaced with a new building a year later. However, in 1964, its operations was shut down with the realignment and redistribution of police functions. The building eventually became a private residence.

5. Albert Hall on Baroona Road was Rosalie’s centre of social activities.

Albert Hall was Rosalie’s earliest social centres until the construction and opening of the School of Arts Committee around the corner of Baroona Road and Nash Street in the late 1920s. Today, these combined properties are now known as the Rosalie Village, the neighbourbood shopping and dining centre.

Meat At Billy’s Rosalie Butcher Shop Moves to a Bigger Space

Five years since they opened a shop in Rosalie, Meat at Billy’s, one of Brisbane’s most preferred butcher shops, has moved to a bigger space next door to their old site on Baroona Road.

The new fit-out looks similar to its parent shop in Ashgrove and has more room to showcase more products, including the rubs and sauces offered at the main outlet. 

Despite the challenges of the pandemic, the owners of Meat at Billy’s said that they are truly grateful for the patronage of the local customers who wanted to support local businesses. The essential store was kept well-stocked as customers who needed food supplies keep coming, with some even asking for cooking tips and suggestions. 

The butchers at Meat at Billy’s are also masters in the kitchen and their instructions and recommendations are just some of the things that customers appreciate about this store. 

Photo Credit: MeatAtBillys/Google Maps

Billy Gibney opened the first store in Ashgrove in 2009, which has since built a loyal base for its quality meat, diverse products, and informative or helpful workers. Known for their premium chops, housemade gourmet sausages, and hard-to-find meat like the honeycomb tripe, the store also provides a variety of grass-fed and free-range meats for the health-conscious. 

More than a butcher shop, this store has a charcuterie and wine selection, deli products, marinades, and other cooking essentials for people who love to cook at home. 

“These guys are awesome. My first visit last week to get a few samples. My GOD. The pork medallions are to die for, the pork ribs sensational and the grass fed sirloin simply melted in the mouth. Went back today and loaded up with a week’s worth. Greeted with a new shop, the display is massive full of fresh treats. Do yourself a favour and pay these boys a visit. You will become a devotee. Be back next week.”

Geoff Short

“Had the pleasure of dealing with David and Damien in store today and they were great. Super helpful, very knowledgeable and plenty of advice on how to get the best results with my cooks. The meats unreal as well!!”

Nathan Eyears

“The most amazing customer service I’ve ever received from any shop in Brisbane. The range of products is second to none. You will not be disappointed shopping at Meat at Billy’s Rosalie. Outstanding job guys.” 

Melissa Bernard

Flood Resilient Program: Rosalie Resident Benefits from Free Home Renovation

Across Rosalie and Bardon, homeowners are rebuilding and elevating their houses off the ground to become flood-resilient and one resident has been a lucky benefactor of a free renovation, thanks to the pilot launch of the Flood Resilient Program. 

An initiative of the Brisbane City Council in partnership with CitySmart, the Flood Resilient Program aims to help residents prepare, bounce back and thrive after a flooding disaster with minimal disruption. For now, the program is by strict invitation only and selected among residents who are “regularly and severely impacted by overland flow flooding.” 

Margherita Gellel from Rosalie has been chosen to benefit from the program, giving her and her family some peace of mind. Ms Gellel has been a Rosalie resident for nearly 50 years and has experienced frequent flooding that she’s always apprehensive whenever it rains in Brisbane. However, she and her neighbours have never considered moving away as an option.

Photo Credit: QLD & Brisbane – Flood & Storm Images/Facebook

Now, she’s feeling a lot more relieved because of the program that launched in mid-2019. It would have been such a costly expense for Ms Gellel to rebuild her house from underneath but the renovation costs are shouldered by the Council, CitySmart and the firm of James Davidson Architect (JDA). 

JDA has been designing flood-resilient homes for Queenslanders ever since the great flood of 2011. The firm has a different approach in building flood-resilient homes as it makes use of wet proofing or materials that are easy to clean and could withstand water. The company’s innovation has earned the recognition of the Australian Institute for Disaster Resilience

Meanwhile, CitySmart has conducted a forum on flood resiliency with the participation of various builders and architects specialising in flooding disasters, per Councillor Vicki Howard. This was a free event covering the following:

  • How to identify properties at risk from flooding
  • Flood-resilient building techniques, materials, and the benefit for your clients
  • How to provide advice to clients and understand your business risks, including planning scheme flood overlays and site water management issues
  • Comparative costs in flood resilience building and staying competitive when quoting

The forum took place on 24 June 2021 at the East Leagues Club in Langlands Park, 40 Main Avenue, Coorparoo. Keep tabs on the results of this forum via the councillor’s official site or Facebook page.

You may also visit the Council’s website to learn more about the Flood Resilient Program