Hidden Gem in Bardon: Civosity Park

Civosity Park Bardon
Photo Credit: Rhys Lauder/Google Maps

Hiding in a suburban backyard in a Bardon neighbourhood, you will find something extraordinary. Civosity Park, an enchanting garden, is a living symbol of the creativity, community-mindedness, and generosity of David Engwicht.

Step into this lush space and find yourself in a subtropical wonderland. Leafy green plants and arching tree ferns fill the grounds. A grand poinciana tree reaches out across the garden, generously providing shady places to rest under, even during the heat of Brisbane’s summer. 

A timber boardwalk leads around concealed corners while a shallow sparkling creek bubbles gently between the plants and under small bridges.

Civosity Park Bardon
Photo Credit: Tony Cristiano/Google Maps

Comfortable outdoor furniture on the main deck is an ideal spot to share a picnic lunch while visiting this unique location.

The area is partially fenced and the size of a standard backyard, so little ones can explore without wandering too far. Wander the paths discovering enchanting decorations along the way.

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Civosity Park Bardon
Photo Credit: John McGrath/Google Maps

Playing barefoot in the creek is a delightful sensory experience.  At night the garden is transformed into an illuminated magical forest, lit by well-placed coloured fairy lights.

Photo Credit: TC/Google Maps

“Wow, I drive past that all the time. I always assumed it was someone’s backyard,” said a commenter on Reddit

“Look at the size of the hardwood that David Engwicht chose to build the tiered deck with. He intends for it to be around for a long time.”

“The water bubbler works, I used it today! I’d love to meet the person responsible, maybe I’ll see him around one of these days.”

Civosity Park Bardon
Photo Credit: Rhys Lauder/Google Maps

The garden is free to use but this is not a public space and there are no public toilets. Donations or purchasing Mr Engwitch’s book are welcome as it will help fund continual improvements. 

Published 17-Jan-2024