Bardon Neighbourhood Watch Program Set To Revolutionise Community Safety

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With the launch of its very own Neighbourhood Watch program, Bardon is poised to take proactive strides towards enhancing security, all fueled by the grassroots energy of its concerned residents and bolstered by the support of local authorities.

Bardon Neighbourhood Watch was established to keep citizens’ growing concerns about minor crimes and security-related issues in the region. The programme, which is being led by a group of proactive people, aims to create a network of watchful locals who are dedicated to keeping their neighbourhoods safe and secure.

MP Jonty Bush has long pushed for programmes that make neighbourhoods better. She has become a strong supporter of giving people the power to take charge of their own safety and security by organising events like “Coffee with a Cop” and leading grassroots efforts. She firmly believes that this event will be a great chance to learn, meet, and work together

Photo Credit: Facebook/JontyBush

Community leaders, law enforcement officers, and concerned individuals are anticipated to attend its launch on April 13th, 2024, at Bardon Bowls Club, making it a historic occasion. Prominent members of the community will give an introductory speech to begin the event, emphasising the value of teamwork in preventing crime and fostering community.

Attendees look forward to engaging workshops and educational sessions covering a wide range of topics, such as disaster preparedness, efficient communication strategies, and home security advice. Additionally, representatives from the neighbourhood’s law enforcement organisations will be available to offer insightful advice on how citizens can actively contribute to crime prevention.

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Two of the main goals of Bardon Neighbourhood Watch are to encourage people to report suspicious behaviour and to build a culture of open communication and community spirit. The people in charge of the event think that they can make the area safer and more stable for everyone if they can help neighbours get along and feel responsible for their community.

In addition to stopping crime, Bardon Neighbourhood Watch wants to bring people together and get them involved in their neighbourhood. Activities like social parties, neighbourhood patrols, and regular meetings are all meant to get people to talk to each other and work together.

The establishment of Bardon Neighbourhood Watch serves as a testament to the effectiveness of neighbourhood-based efforts in bringing about constructive change. Through the programme, residents are empowered to actively participate in maintaining the safety of their neighbourhood, which not only increases security but also strengthens the sense of community and belonging among residents.

Organisers are urging all locals to work together as Bardon gets ready to start this exciting new chapter in its history of promoting community safety. They think that by working together, they can create a community that will be safer, livelier, and more robust for future generations.

Published Date 08-April-2024