Why Well-off Families Choose This Bardon School For Their Kids

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Bardon’s Rainworth State School has topped the list of Queensland’s Index of Community Socio-educational Advantage (ICSEA), suggesting that families with the highest level of educational advantage prefer to send their children to one of the highest rated public schools in the State.

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Created by the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA), ICSEA serves as a comprehensive evaluation of social factors, including family background and parents’ education level. It’s worth noting that it does not describe or reflect the wealth of parents of students in particular.

Other than the parents’ education and occupation, ICSEA is also being calculated based on the school’s geographical location and the proportion of indigenous students. A higher ICSEA means the greater advantage the school has. In the case of Rainworth State School, it was named more ‘educationally advantaged’ compared to the majority of schools in Australia.

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Rainworth State School’s ICSEA score is 1224, higher than the average which is 1,000. Around 87% of the school’s families come from the top socio-educational quartile. 

It’s not surprising that those with the highest educational attainment or highest socio-economic status choose Rainworth State School. It’s a highly rated primary school in Bardon, having been named as the third highest-performing primary school in Queensland based on the latest NAPLAN results.

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Established in 1928, the school’s vision is to “provide a holistic approach to childhood development” whilst also focusing on helping children reach their full academic potential.

“Great school grounds, I’ve read a lot about the state primary schools in Brisbane to ascertain where to send my kids and Rainworth school is the best one to send them to,”

-Elizabeth Yi

“Rainworth has taught me a lot about myself and how I can improve as a person. All the teachers have given me an amazing 6 years and I have no idea how to repay them. Becoming school captain last year made me feel a part of the school and being able to help the new children and just giving them a hand when they really needed it. Rainworth is the most amazing school because all the people are so inclusive and the teacher gives you a proper chance to learn. thank you to Rainworth i am the best version of myself.”

-Anna Roads