Bardon Kid Gets Recognition for Parcels of Hope

Sabre, the kind-hearted boy from St Joseph’s Bardon, has been recognised through the Young Achievers Awards as a nominee, for his project “Parcels of Hope” in 2018.

“Mummy, I want to let the boys and girls on the farms know that I care.”

At the tender age of five, Sabre thought of doing something for children in the country’s drought-affected areas and let them “know that we care.”

Sabre Fazel started “City to Country – Parcels of Hope”, which invited Brisbane children to make a gift parcel with a letter and a return self-addressed envelope for the country child to reply.

His project delivered a total of 500 parcels to children attending School of the Air in the districts of Charleville and Longreach.

Sabre Fazel was recently presented as a Nominee in The University of Queensland Create Change Award by The Honourable Di Farmer, Minister for Child Safety, Youth and Women and Minister for the Prevention of Domestic and Family Violence, at the 2019 Seven News Young Achiever Awards Presentation.

The ceremony was held at Royal on the Park Brisbane last 3 May 2019 and was attended by 400 guests.

“My mum says that is very important to be kind to others. On the News they said that some children on farms had never seen it rain and I thought that they must feel very sad, I just wanted to help cheer them up. We should let farmers know we care because farmers grow our food,” Sabre said.

Sabre with mum and Hon Di Farmer (Photo: Supplied)

“It was wonderful to see Sabre recognised for his project and we would like to thank Chanel 7 Young Achievers Awards program,” Sabre’s mum, Sarah Yip said.

“I work with corporate leaders in embedding empathy and kindness into workplace culture and to see that my son has heard the message makes be extremely proud. We hope this inspires others to reach out and be kind to one another,” she said.

Parcels of Hope: A Project by a Five-Year-Old From Bardon

Sabre, a five-year-old child with a heart of gold, recently started a project named Parcels of Hope. The project is an invitation to Brisbane kids to put together a parcel for children in the drought-affected areas.

“My son is called Sabre and he attends prep at St Joseph’s Bardon, where they are taught from the words of Mary Mackillop ‘Never see a need without doing something about it.’ The children from grade 3 in St Joseph’s Bardon have compiled wonderful letters and the preps are finalising their parcels. The children of St Peter Chanel in The Gap were one of the first schools to jump on board and have done an amazing job decorating their lovely parcels of hope,” Sarah Yip, Sabre’s mother said.

Sabre’s vision is to let the children of farmers of drought-affected areas “know that we care.”

Parcels of Hope
Photo credit: Supplied

Parcels of Hope is a chance for children to reach out to other children in need, through a letter of inspiration and a gift. The intended recipients of the collected parcels are the children attending The School of Distance Education in Charleville, Longreach, Mt Isa, and St Mary’s Charleville.

“He had been watching the news and asking about the drought and commented that there was lots of money being raised, but what about the children?  Is anyone looking after the children? He came to me the next day and asked to write a letter to let the children know that he cared about them and he was hoping for rain for them. He wanted to give them something special too,” Sarah said.

Sabre then asked his mum to help him invite other children to do the same. He said there are too many letters to write and he can’t do it alone.

Parcels of Hope
Photo credit: Supplied

Parcels of Hope
Photo credit: Supplied

Sarah decided to set up an Eventbrite page where the children who want to help can register. “We have had an amazing response so far with close to 70 parcels collected and ongoing collections between now and the 14th of September,” she said.

 Four Steps to Putting Together a Parcel of Hope:

  • Register through Eventbrite
  • Write a letter/ draw a picture
  • Place a gift for a child
  • Message the organiser to let them know it’s ready for collection

Sarah is going all out in her support for her son’s passion project. In her consulting work as Owner and Managing Director of KEASE. Sarah is a subject matter expert in Emotional Intelligence, Mindful Leadership and Applied positive psychology in the workplace. She knows that encouraging him to reach out in such a caring way would be a great learning experience for him and will help cultivate his emotional intelligence from a young age.

If you would like to share your own Parcel of Hope, register now.