Appeal Filed for Rejected Coles Local Development in Bardon

A developer has submitted an appeal to the Planning and Environment Court for approval of plans to build a Coles Local supermarket and bottleshop on Macgregor Terrace in Bardon. The proposal was initially rejected due to safety and traffic issues.

In May 2021, Brisbane City Council turned down DA A005505645 based on the recommendations by State Assessment Referral Agency (SARA).

SARA cited that a new supermarket in the area will increase the traffic congestion along the Latrobe and Macgregor Terrace roundabout by 100 to 154 more trips during peak hours. The roundabout already accommodates 23,000 vehicles a day.


  • Council rejected the plan to build a Coles Local outlet in Bardon due to safety and traffic issues.
  • The developer filed an appeal with the Planning and Environment Court and it’s still under assessment.
  • Coles Local is a new concept store that will feature more local and high-end providers.
  • If the appeal is won, the Bardon site will be the third Coles Local in Queensland.

However, Connor O’Meara, the solicitor who represents CB (Qld) Pty Ltd, wrote in the appeal that the development will bring “measurable improvements” to Macgregor Terrace as the project will entail road widening, a “no right out” change to the traffic movement, and signs all over the strip. 

Photo Credit: Developmenti/BCC

The proposal also includes relocating the bus stop adjacent to the eastern access point about 40-metres west, which will remove seven on-street parking spaces.  

The developer filed the proposal in July 2020 and divided the opinion of the community. Whilst some locals said they don’t need another Coles, others welcomed the proposal as this will only be the third Coles Local in Queensland. Some residents also said that stores on the strip of Macgregor Terrace are partially tenanted and in need of more foot traffic. 

Coles Local, a concept launched in 2018, features a tailored in-store experience with more high-quality products from local producers. The first outlet with this concept opened in Ascot in June 2021. The second store in Taringa/Indooroopilly area has started the groundwork for the construction. A fourth site is also eyed for the CBD but the developers have yet to file an application for it.

If the appeal is approved, Coles Local in Bardon will be a single storey structure with two levels of basement parking that can accommodate more than 100 cars.