Bardon Boundary Rd Roundabout Safety Upgrade Coming Soon!

The notoriously dangerous Bardon Boundary Rd roundabout is set for a minor safety upgrade which will see the existing painted centre island converted into a concrete island that will serve as a pedestrian refuge.

The Bardon roundabout, at Rouen Rd, Boundary Rd and Rainworth Rd, is notorious for being dangerous for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists alike.

Compounding the safety concerns is the introduction of The Bardon Shed and the new childcare centre on Runic St. which has made the street a lot busier and more dangerous.

“That means even though lots of people want to walk down to the Bardon Shed, Rainworth State School and the new childcare centre, it’s more dangerous than ever,” Greens MP for Maiwar, Michael Berkman, wrote on his social media.

“Due to high speeds on the roundabout, the entrance to Runic St is very wide, with nowhere to stop safely, especially if you’re pushing a pram.

Photo Credit: Michael Berkman – Greens MP for Maiwar / Facebook

“Interestingly, there are **two more** proposed or approved childcare centres within a couple of blocks, one in Vimy St and another on Boundary Rd near Rainworth SS. Unless we make the streets a lot safer and more walkable, all those parents will be driving to drop off and pick up, adding even more danger.

Mr Berkman said that he has secured a small safety upgrade for that section of the roundabout during his meeting with the Department of Transport and Main Roads which manages the State-controlled road; no date has been set yet as to when the project will commence.

“It’s worth noting that we got this win because a local resident took the time to write me an email drawing it to my attention – thanks very much to them!”

Other changes for the Boundary Rd roundabout that Mr Berkman pushes for include:

  • Implementing safer speeds (40km/hr) for the roundabout to help minimise the incidence of crashes
  • A raised “wombat” crossing for the infamous pedestrian crossing on Boundary Rd north of the roundabout (at Norm Buchan Park). 
  • Streetscape changes to prioritise local residents, kids, cyclists and other vulnerable road users above speeding traffic.
  • More and better buses to reduce mandatory car dependency for Bardon residents.