Bardon Neighbourhood Centre Fights Against a Soaring Demand for Aid

The Bardon Neighbourhood Centre has found itself with a scant $6 left for emergency relief after just a week, as it grapples with an overwhelming surge in demand for financial aid from the community. 

This critical juncture highlights a wider crisis in the region, with many individuals and families struggling to cope with economic hardships. As a result, the centre and its sister venue in New Farm are unable to provide sufficient support. 

Despite receiving $20,000 in Social Services funding, the funds at the Centre were depleted within a week. This underscores the acute challenges faced by those who cannot afford basic living necessities.

This shortfall comes when the demand for financial assistance has skyrocketed, putting immense pressure on the centre’s resources. According to Coordinator Gillian Marshall, the number of people seeking help has tripled within the past year, especially among those who rely on Centrelink payments.

Bardon Neighbourhood Centre
Photo Credit: Google Maps

The Bardon Neighbourhood Centre has been struggling to cope with the increase in cases involving financial difficulties, housing problems, and eviction incidents due to rising rental costs. 

In response to the growing crisis, the site established an emergency relief hotline to manage the influx of calls from those in urgent need. These calls often come from individuals facing domestic violence, mental health issues, or significant life changes, with some reporting they haven’t eaten in days

Despite efforts to secure additional funding, the centre faces the grim reality of suspending its emergency relief program until new funds are allocated in July 2024.

The funding crisis at the Bardon Neighbourhood Centre highlights a more significant problem faced by community services throughout Queensland. The situation calls for greater support from the government and emphasizes the need for a strong social service sector that can assist individuals during difficult times.

Published 2-March-2024