Goat Curry: A Must-try at the Old Monk in Paddington

Old Monk
Photo credit: Old Monk Modern Indian/Facebook

Old Monk may be a newcomer to Paddington, having just opened in April 2022, but this modern Indian restaurant is already getting noticed for its extraordinary fare. Topping the list of popular dishes is an unusual one for most: the Himachali goat curry.

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Himachali goat curry is slow-cooked on the bone and steeped in onion and tomato masala (blended spices). At Old Monk, it’s served in a handi, a deep round pot commonly used in north India.

This gluten-free dish is lovingly prepared by the owners according to their ‘mum’s recipe.’ It’s a dish close to their hearts and it’s often prepared on special occasions.

Curry is Old Monk’s signature dish and the neon writing across the wall of their dining area says it all. “I love you but don’t touch my curry.”

Photo credit: Old Monk Modern Indian/Facebook

“Old Monk is best described as India on a plate with Brisbane in Mind,” their owners proudly say. The restaurant offers a curation of their interpretation of Indian cuisine, with small and large servings of food designed to be shared, mixed and matched, so people dining together get to sample ‘a little of everything and not too much of something.’

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Those who love curry can opt for the curry leaf masala toasted with shredded lamb with crispy roti. Also popular is the goan fish curry, a spicy fish curry with chilli, fenugreek seeds and tamarind pulp.

Aside from their curries, other standout items on the menu include lamb shank korma, Colonel Tso’s cauliflower, butter chicken, and the kadai chicken (chicken sauteed with onions, capsicums, fresh ginger, and coriander).

Old Monk
Lamb shank korma (Photo credit: Old Monk Modern Indian/Facebook)

“Love the ambience of the place and food is to die for. My favourites and highly recommended is pan fried momos, lamb shank korma and chef recommended goat curry is definite to hit those umami cravings…”

Sushen, local guide

Foodies who are in for a sweet treat always end up trying the rasmalai, flattened balls of Indian cottage cheese soaked in clotted cream flavoured with cardamom, or the kulfi, their house-made Indian ice cream.

Old Monk
Photo credit: Old Monk Modern Indian/Facebook

There is also a variety of options for drinks, which includes beer, wine, gin, vodka, tea, coffee, and the housemade lassis (Indian drink made from a yoghurt or buttermilk base with water).

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Old Monk is located at 1/151 Baroona Rd, Paddington. They are open daily from 4:30 p.m. Follow them on Instagram @oldmonkbne for updates.