Issues Raised on Proposed Stuartholme School Sporting Precinct Development in Bardon

Stuartholme School
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The Freer’s Farm Action Group has outlined several issues concerning the proposed redevelopment of the Freer’s Farm farm site in Bardon into a sporting precinct for Stuartholme School. 

The group cites that they are not opposed to the plans per se  (MID-1021-0542 – Stuartholme School)  but there are potential problems that the developers need to address before the redevelopment gets a green light. 

Among the most concerning issue is the sports field’s impact on flood levels, especially on the properties downstream. The group said that the flood modelling used in the proposal “don’t reflect actual historical flows.” 

Photo Credit: The State of Queensland (Planning) /

Additionally, the earthworks within the flood zone call for filling land that will raise its level higher than the neighbouring properties. Essentially, this will remove the flood plain and increase the risk of flooding onto the other sites.

Freer’s Farm is near Sir Samuel Griffiths Drive and picnic areas at Hoop Pine and Silky Oak within the Mt Coot-the Reserve. The sports field may also cause parking and traffic issues at these sites.

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The residents are also concerned about light and noise pollution when there are games at night that will likely bring ecological impacts to the wildlife, parkland users, and the neighbourhood. For years, most of the area at Freer’s Farm is completely free of artificial light at night. 

Photo Credit: The State of Queensland (Planning) /

Last week, some of the locals have met with representatives of the developer, Ethos Urban, Stuartholme School, and the consulting firm, Blight Tanner, to clearly discuss the concerns of the community. Cr Peter Matic was also in the said meeting.

According to the Freer’s Farm Action Group, the flood modelling used in the proposal is not accurate, thus they have asked for a revised model. The planners said they are willing to work with the community to deliver a final model that will be agreeable to all concerned. 

The planners also acknowledged providing more information on the sports field lighting information. They have agreed to defer the start of construction to August 2022. 

The MID submission, on the other hand, has been extended until 19 May 2022. Follow the guide on how to make a submission from this group