Frolicking Goat At The New Bardon Market

Photo credit: Frolicking Goat / Facebook

With the newly revamped Bardon Market comes the addition of new stallholders as well. Frolicking Goat is one of the market’s newbies delivering cheesy goodness every Sunday.

The couple Peter Schwenke and Lyndall Josey established Frolicking Goat in 2016. It was Mr Schwenke who really delved into the world of cheese, whilst Ms Josey took a fascination with goats. It took four years of travelling before they learned what they needed to know about cheese and cheesemaking.

Impressively, just following their launch, they were able to receive a gold medal for Bûche and Bûche Noir from the national Dairy Industry Association of Australia (DIAA) awards.

Signature Cheeses

Bûche & Bûche Noir

Photo credit: Frolicking Goat

This award-winning cheese is a classic French-style goat cheese with a complex taste and some lingering acidity. It won a gold medal at the national Dairy Industry Association of Australia Awards in 2016 and the Cheetham Salt Award for being the highest scoring non-bovine product. It also won bronze at the 2017 Royal Queensland Food & Wine Show (EKKA).

The Bûche Noir, on the other hand, comes in the colour black.

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Photo credit: Frolicking Goat

Named after their goat, Jessy-Joy, this is a cylindrical-shaped cheese that delivers a more acidic flavour and has a more crumbly texture. It won a silver medal at the 2017 Royal Queensland Food & Wine Show (Ekka).


Photo credit: Frolicking Goat

This is the ashed version of Jessie and is also named after their goal, Liesel. It has less flavour development than the Jessie. It also won a silver medal at the Ekka in 2017.

Mount Cotton

Photo credit: Frolicking Goat

Also an award-winning cheese that delivers a bolder and stronger tasting goat cheese. It won the 2017 DIAA Awards of Excellence and also gained an award at the 2017 Ekka.

Mount Gravatt

Photo credit: Frolicking Goat

Similar to their Mount Cotton, this cheese comes with less strength. Ideal for those seeking stronger tasting goats that is not as bold as the Mount Cotton. It also won an award at the Ekka in 2017.

Frolicking Goat also takes pride at being incredibly close to their goats because they believe that keeping them happy helps them produce good cheese.

In 2016, they sold their home to move into a bigger area to accommodate their cheese production.

These days, you can catch them at the Bardon markets.

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Address: Baroona and Rainworth Roads, next to Norm Buchan Park