Bardon – One Of The Worst Suburbs For Swooping Magpies

A recent magpie attack on an eight-year-old boy has left him needing eye surgery. The boy was on his way to school in Brisbane when a magpie swooped on him.

It’s magpie swooping season again. The season starts in September and tends to run into November. According to Australian Geographic magpies are intelligent and are known to memorize faces and hold grudges. Perceived threats and proximity to areas they are protecting, like their nests, may also cause them to attack. Unfortunately, magpies are a protected species and it is illegal to retaliate.

Jubilee Terrace in Bardon, Queensland has been identified as one of the five top swooping zones in Brisbane. The others are Stanley Street in South Brisbane, Vulture Street, Kitchener Road Ascot near Lancaster Road, and Winstanley Street in Carindale. has come up with a map of recent magpie attacks, and you can report your recent sightings or attack experience and compare notes with other victims.

The next time you or any of your family members venture outside, make sure you’re properly covered. And try to stay away from those magpies.