Bardon Mumpreneur Sarah Yip Named as Finalist for National Awards

Sarah Yip, Finalist 2020 Ausmumpreneur
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Bardon mumpreneur Sarah Yip of KEASE International has been named as a finalist in four categories of the 2020 AusMumpreneur Awards which aim to celebrate and recognise outstanding Australian Mums in business. 

Sarah, who is the managing director for Kease International will be competing against fellow mumpreneurs in the following categories: 

  • B2B Service
  • Multicultural Business Excellence
  • Making a Difference – Business
  • Queensland Mumpreneur of the Year
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The awards, presented by The Women’s Business School, are given to outstanding businesswomen who have achieved success in areas such as business excellence, product development, customer service, and digital innovation. They are particularly designed to recognise women who have done successfully well in balancing motherhood and business. 

At home, Sarah is mum to a kind-hearted boy who was also recognised for his project “Parcels of Hope” which helped children affected by the country’s drought-affected areas in 2018. 

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For 14 years, Sarah has established a strong reputation in the areas of emotional intelligence, leadership, and team dynamics. She is a well-known global keynote speaker on “EI in the Age of AI” as well as on topics of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. 

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In 2019, Sarah led KEASE in its expansion and rebranding to “KEASE International,” offering holistic and bespoke leadership solution services that include capability development, coaching, and on-going support. 

The company’s list of clients includes those in government, private corporations, ASX200 listed companies, and elite sporting managers. 

Sarah’s biggest achievement is evident in how KEASE International operates. Each associate in the company is a subject matter expert in a certain field. The fields of expertise range from digital transformation to creative thinking, design, and emotional intelligence. KEASE International creates long-term relationships with its clients to identify areas of growth that can be turned into projects. 

New Business Venture During the Pandemic

Sarah is happy to be named as a finalist for AusMumpreneur Awards and is proud of her team’s achievements during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“I’m particularly proud of how we’ve come together as a team and pivoted the business to not only find relevance but also in helping other leaders thrive through COVID‐19,” she said.

Sarah Yip AusMumpreneur
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In the wake of COVID-19, Sarah and her team found an opportunity to gather business leaders to share challenges and come up with realistic solutions during such uncertain times. This has culminated in a new business venture called The Leaders Lounge.

“In April this year we set-up Leaders Lounge as a safe learning space and a way to provide on-demand coaching and mentoring to leaders, where content was 100% designed around their specific challenges; they asked the questions, we provided the guidance and answers. 

“This service has made a measurable difference to leaders who felt isolated, uncertain and under pressure in these extraordinary times, and has continued to grow month by month.” 

As Ausmumpreneur Awards celebrate business mums in the country, Sarah feels proud of the opportunities that KEASE International is providing her mostly female team. 

“Over 90% of the KEASE Associates are females and mothers. Through KEASE they’ve found a safe place to connect with others who understand and a workplace that offers flexibility and inclusion, not often found in standard workplaces,” Sarah said. 

“By creating an inclusive and supportive environment, we have been able to attract and retain top talent. 

“Furthermore, fostering an environment of mutual trust, support and rewarding meaningful contribution, we have been able to form new collaborations and client relationships. It’s a win/win situation.”