Burger Urge Brings Sustainable Dining to Kelvin Grove

Sustainable dining is now the top priority at Burger Urge Kelvin Grove as it becomes the first-ever food retailer in Australia to partner with The Good Food Revolution.

Earlier in November 2019, Burger Urge announced its partnership with social enterprise, The Good Food Revolution, which aims to guide businesses to bring positive impact on the environment, animal welfare, and human health.

With this partnership, Burger Urge is transforming the way they operate. Some of the critical actions that Burger Urge pledged to do include:

  • Eliminating plastic from all Burger Urge’s restaurants
  • Sourcing ethically produced animal products
  • Providing a greater offering that contributes positively to the health and wellbeing of the community
  • Implementing robust recycling practices
  • Increasing plant-based menu items
Photo credit: Burger Urge/ Facebook

The Burger Urge shows its full commitment to sustainability first by signing up to The Good Food Revolution’s six-year plan. Here’s a quick rundown of the timeline they agreed upon:

December 2020

  • Recycle all glass, plastic and aluminium drink and containers across our network
  • Compost all food waste
  • Reduce waste that goes to landfill by 40%
  • Replace all single-use plastic with recycled and biodegradable plastics
  • Only sell animal products that are at least RSPCA-approved
  • Implement reporting and track impact through measurable data, which will be communicated to the public via Burger Urge website, to ensure transparency

December 2023

  • Offer free-range, organic and plant-based alternatives for every menu item
  • Reduce waste that goes into landfill by a further 30%
  • Use 50%  renewable energy across network
  • Convert all corporate restaurants to solar power
  • All animal products to be completely free-range

December 2025

  • Eliminate all general waste and landfill
  • Use all recycled materials after use
  • Use 75% renewable energy across network
  • Remove high-sugar and artificially sweetened products from menu
  • Make all animal products completely free-range organic