Community, Convenience, and Comfort at The Bardon Shed

Looking for a fresh food market where you can meet with friends and simply soak up the friendly vibe after grocery shopping? Take a trip to The Bardon Shed, a food market located in the corner of Runic Street where you’ll find community, convenience, and comfort whilst shopping.

One of the newest additions to the suburb’s fresh food markets, The Bardon Shed offers a diverse range of specialist food brands and local fresh produce. Shelves are filled with gourmet groceries like fresh pasta, ravioli, jams and sauces. More than the shopping experience, the market has become a meeting place for locals who want to enjoy fresh juice or espresso, light snacks, and bite-sized treats.

Just recently, The Bardon Shed introduced its own lunch menu consisting of nine new dishes. Think pork sausages paired with creamy mashed potatoes and wine or a bowl of comforting soup served with freshly baked bread. There will also be gluten-free and vegetarian options, soon. 

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The Bardon Shed prides itself in having an array of products sourced from Brisbane’s best markets and local growers.

Convenience meets comfort in this one-stop shop for produce, because you can sit back and relax at the verandah before or after grocery shopping. And if you’re wondering whether you can bring your fur baby with you, yes, they are dog-friendly too!

The verandah has an outdoor TV set on the wall and a comfortable 10-seater sofa in addition to individual tables and benches.  

They have a delicatessen where you can buy rolls, hot free range chickens, hot pies, and filo pastry cooked every day. If you need a morning pick-me-up, try their hot chocolate, milkshakes, or the strong and rich Genovese which is the coffee of choice at their espresso bar. 

For the health conscious customers out there, you can get your supplies from The Bardon Shed’s organic and vegan merchandise in-store. 

The Bardon Shed opens seven days a week from 6:00 am to 7:00 pm and has a free parking area. Check out their website or Facebook page to learn more.

A New Refined Fresh Market Opens in Bardon

The Bardon Shed is a refined fresh market that has recently opened its doors at 8 Runic Street, Bardon.

More than just a specialty grocery store, The Bardon Shed offers fresh produce, bread, and flowers, as well as a gourmet deli and an espresso and juice bar all in one place.

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Since their opening this May, locals have been impressed by their delicious coffee and selection of fresh juices.

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They also offer an array of tasty bites which includes light meals, wraps, and cakes.

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Looking for a specialty ingredient for your gourmet cooking? Their gourmet grocery boasts a range of high-quality specialist food brands from jams, oils, pasta, sauces, coffees, teas, and more. The store also houses an extensive Gluten free and Organic section.

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The Bardon Shed’s fresh produce is filled with locally grown fruits and vegetables that are sourced daily from Australian growers.

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Their gourmet deli offers a vast selection of local, national, and international delights from antipasti, olives, hams, and cheeses, to salamis, prosciuttos and dips. The deli serves handmade sandwiches and wraps guaranteed to be made with the finest ingredients from their fresh produce in the store.

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Need a quick way to brighten up your (or someone else’s) day? The Bardon Shed also sells fresh flowers that are hand selected and wrapped daily. All their flowers are sourced directly from local growers and suppliers. Their staff can customize your order to make your gift extra special.

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Whether you need a quick caffeine fix or restocking your pantry, The Bardon Shed could be the new go-to place, ready to satisfy you with the freshest produce and gourmet delights.

The Bardon Shed is open from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. daily. Check out their website or Facebook page to learn more.