All in a Day’s Work: Massive Python Rescued From Bardon Car by Fearless Snake Catcher

A snake catcher from Snake Catchers Brisbane & Gold Coast successfully extricated a meters-long Coastal Carpet Python from the confines of a car engine in Bardon.

The captivating rescue operation was caught on camera and has since gone viral across social media platforms. The owner of the vehicle had reached out to the snake catching company for assistance upon discovering the python.

The video captured snake catcher Jaedon’s expert handling of the situation. Wearing protective gloves, he confidently maneuvered the squirming python, grasping its body with one hand and its head with the other.

The astonishing footage showed the nerve-wracking moments when he meticulously removed the reptile from beneath the car’s bonnet. As Jaedon gradually coaxed the python out of the car engine, the snake’s incredible length became evident.

With a blend of skill and composure, Jaedon calmly went about the extraction process and skillfully pulled the python’s head behind his shoulder, carefully guiding the rest of its massive body out of the engine. 

Once fully freed from the entrapment and held aloft, the python measured longer than Jaedon’s own height. 

Coastal Carpet Pythons, while non-venomous and generally not harmful to humans, can reach significant sizes and are known for their adaptability to various habitats.

This particular python, which had sought refuge within the car engine most likely for warmth and shelter, showed the intriguing and sometimes unexpected interactions between urban environments and wildlife.

Many praised Jaedon’s bravery and skill, while others expressed awe at the sheer size of the python. For Jaedon, it was all in a day’s work.

Published 24-Aug-2023