Bardon Latrobe Football Club to Get a $250,000 Upgrade

Bardon Latrobe Football Club (BLFC) is set to get a new changing room facility at Bowman Park following the Council’s approval of their development application.

The new building will be an addition to the existing clubhouse. There will be two modern, bright changing rooms with bathroom and shower facilities.

Bardon Latrobe Football Club
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The first stage of the development has been led by the committee in response to the feedback of members from their annual survey.

A $250,000 grant from Kate Jones MP has made the building work possible. Moreover, the club is still actively pursuing grants for  further development plans.

Bardon Latrobe Football Club Upgrades

Club President Phil Cowlishaw said the new changing room facility will help in transforming their club.

Bardon Latrobe Football Club
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“Not only are the new changing rooms going to finally address the concerns of our members around adequate facilities, they will also transform the way we are able to use the existing clubhouse,” Mr Cowlishaw said.

“The northern end of the current clubhouse can now be developed to provide modern bathroom facilities for our members and visitors. In turn, we will redevelop the ‘old’ changing rooms into a multi-function bathroom with baby changing facilities and disabled access,” he added.

Another part of the renovation is the transformation of the club’s old office. The old office will be developed and changed into two referee changing rooms.

Bardon Latrobe Football Club
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Furthermore, the final stage of the renovation involves the upgrade of the canteen, kitchen, and club room. With these upgrades, the club can have a café style menu and bar in the revamped space.

Plans for the club’s development became a reality through the aid of the grant writer, Seweryn Bialasiewicz and their architect, David Stone.

“Whilst we announce these plans today I’d like to thank our members for their continued support. We recognise that our facilities, particularly for our female members, have been inadequate for some time. The spirit of this club and our members continues to inspire us,” Mr Cowlishaw said.

Visit the Bardon Latrobe Football Club website to learn more.