Bardon’s Charming Miss Audrey Cafe Brings the Community Together

Donna and Nic Condon came up with a brilliant idea to expand their hair salon in Bardon by building a cafe just outside. If you think about it, it’s just the perfect pair.

Their business first started out as a hair styling salon. Known as Miss Audrey Hair, it soon became one of the suburb’s go-to place for their hair fixes. One day, Mr Condon, wanting to give more to the community, decided to build a cafe just outside of the salon, and Miss Audrey Coffee was born.

Mr Condon himself serves as the barista of the cafe, something which he enjoys very much. His presence provides such a warm welcome to the community.

Every morning, Mr Condon chats with the customers as if they’re old friends (and most of them are), “It’s a really supportive community. Very locally minded,” he says.

The quaint cafe sits at the entrance of the salon adorned with fresh flowers, hanging baskets, and lush green plants. Customers can enjoy their morning coffee on the timber tables and chairs surrounded by plants, overlooking the street.

They source their coffee beans from Padre Coffee Roastery in Noosaville whilst their teas are from Larsen and Thompson. For those who want to have a refreshing drink during those hot summer days will be delighted with the available juices from Noah’s.

Aside from their caffeine fixes, they also serve tasty treats from Outlook Catering. They have an assortment of muffins, brownies, and cakes.

Just around the corner lies the Bardon State School, which makes the cafe a popular spot for parents and their children as well as cyclists and joggers who need some energy boost to start their journeys. Pets are also welcome.