Lewin Street Store In Bardon Has Just Become The Perfect Weekend Stop

The only cafe on Lewin Street in Bardon has just expanded its products. You can still get your Allpress Roasters coffee at the Lewin Street Store, but prepare to do more than that.

A Touch Of Greenery

Green thumbs out there will appreciate that the cafe and general store is now offering plants. Now, you get to select from a wide selection of plants that are up for purchase.

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Lewin Street Store / Facebook

This makes it the perfect weekend spot — coffee, good food, and your plant needs.

Live plants have become a trend. Whether indoors or outdoors, these plants just give more life to any area. The good news is that Lewin Street Store carries plants that require low maintenance. So, if you’re new to the “plant world,” no worries, you’ll get the right plants for newbies like you here.

Everything’s Fresh

Some 40 years ago, it was a local butcher shop that turned into the house of a spiritual healer. Now owned by Michelle and Jess, Lewin Street Store aims to provide warm hospitality and local produce not just for the locals but for other people in nearby suburbs who come by.

The cafe also gets its supplies straight from locals. A gentleman who lives nearby brings fresh honey from his beehives, while two ladies bring fresh basil and kale.

There is also a group of special ED students who pick and bring vegetables to the store through the help of a market program.

Brunch, Anyone?

The restaurant is open for breakfast and lunch. They offer basic food selection such as their fruit salad and a selection of toasts. These may look simple but they taste superb and they are the perfect meals to help you power through the day.

Settle in with a good beverage. They offer Allpress coffee and Barambah Organics milk, which are a perfect combination. Pait it up with organic bread from Leavain, or choose from delicious treats such as muffins, ice creams and banana loaf with hand-churned butter.

On weekends, enjoy some pastries from Crust & Co.

Photo credit:
Lewin Street Store / Facebook

The store is not just about coffee and pastries. It also serves as a mini-convenience store with heaps of stuff that you can find, such as toothbrushes, olive oil, Vegemite and much more.

Address: 109 Lewin St.