Rosalie Gourmet Market Expands After Buying Foodstore

Rosalie Gourmet Market, a long-time landmark along Baroona Rd, is gearing up for expansion after buying its next-door neighbour, Rosalie Foodstore.

Work has actually started with the expansion plans as walls have been torn down between the two shops. New floors, ceiling, lights and shelves will be added in the next few weeks to create a “superstore.”

The extra space, spanning 460 square metres, will provide Rosalie Gourmet Market with a back office and a commercial kitchen. 

“We are so excited to bring this new boutique food hub which will combine gourmet food products and some convenience lines. Bear with us while renovate, we know you will love the end result,” owner Raeleen Gough said.  

Plans to expand the favourite local shop have been Ms Gough’s goal for years. When she learned that her next-door neighbour, Delong Londrid, was planning to sell Foodstore, the two business people talked and negotiated. 

Ms Gough was also able to secure a five-year lease into the bigger space and will still be offering Foodstore products along with new versions of convenience store and gourmet picks. The Foodstore’s frozen line will also be expanded. 

Ms Gough said that the pandemic lockdowns gave her business the opportunity to expand because more people working from home patronised their products. 

Rosalie Gourmet Market has over 3,000 items from cured meats, cheese, artisan bread, patisserie items, take-home meals, and fresh fruits and vegetables. The shop celebrated 25 years at the end of October 2022.