Bardon Property Market Continues to Deliver High Capital Growth Rates

Bardon, one of the more expensive property markets in Brisbane, continues to be highly desirable because it provides families a suburban dream home close to the city and within premier school catchments. Thus, it’s no surprise that houses in this west Brisbane suburb remain in high demand, continuing to deliver fairly high capital growth rates for homeowners.


  • Bardon is a family hotspot with desirable school zones that attract house hunters who prioritize education.
  • The median house price of Bardon rose to 25.06 per cent from July 2020 to June 2021, hitting $1,300,000, a sizeable leap from $1,039,500 from the previous 12-month period.
  • The median unit price dropped to 1.14 per cent due to low stocks despite high demand.

House Price Growth

As a family hotspot, Bardon remains at the top of the list of house hunters who prioritise education. Reports cite that houses in desirable school zones across Greater Brisbane have logged the fastest property growth amid the pandemic. In Bardon’s case, the median house price rose by 25.06 per cent from July 2020 to June 2021, hitting $1,300,000, a sizeable leap from $1,039,500 from the previous 12-month period, according to data from Property Market Updates

Buyers and investors are competing strongly for highly-coveted Bardon houses which currently stay on market an average of 44 days, quite brisk for the price points involved. There were 212 house sales closed during this time period. Of the stocks sold, 70 were three-bedroom houses, which were wrapped up at a snappy pace of just 23 days on market, with an average asking price of $1,100,000.

Photo Credit: Property Market Updates

A restored 150-year-old Colonial Queenslander on an acreage property on Moonya Street, with most of its original architectural facets intact, sold at $4,095,000, the highest price for the period. This house, which features a children’s play fort and a gorgeous botanic oasis for family games and celebrations, is within an easy walk to St Joseph’s School or Bardon State School, the Girls Guides Clubhouse, and Bardon Bowls Club. 

Unit Price Growth

In recent years, attractive low-rise apartments and townhouses have popped up in Bardon with slightly bumped up prices compared to most unit markets in Brisbane. For the period ending June 2021, however, Bardon’s unit market dropped by 1.14 per cent, pulling the median price down from $703,000 to $695,000. 

Photo Credit: Property Market Updates

Though units were quickly bought at an average of 38 days on the market, there were not enough stocks to meet buyer demands. Just 48 properties were sold during this period with three-bedroom units selling the most stocks for downsizers who want to remain in the area.

About Bardon 

It’s easy to forget that the city is just five or six kilometres away for those living in peaceful Bardon. Located at the foothills of Mount Coot-tha, this suburb connects the residents to 1,500 hectares of tranquil and gorgeous green space with heaps of parks and walking tracks. 

Photo Credit: Google Maps

The majority of homeowners in Bardon are owner-occupiers living in large blocks of free-standing colonial or modern houses, enjoying an enviable work-life balance. They spend their weekends unwinding at the local parks and community hubs or visiting the clusters of businesses at Macgregor Terrace, where most quaint cafes and restaurants operate. 

Bardon is also close to the cafe culture of Paddington and Red Hill, its neighbouring suburbs.  Residents can drive to the city within 20 minutes whilst bus services help the locals get around but quite a number do love to cycle in Bardon and take advantage of its natural beauty. 

“We moved out from Paddington to Bardon because we needed more bedrooms and a larger garden. Bardon is a great mix of both inner-city charm and large blocks which are harder to find in Paddington. GREAT for family life. Lots of lovely cottages and Queenslanders. We live next to a park. Have been here a year and love it.


“Bardon is a spectacular and quiet place which is close to the CBD. In my whole 20 years of living here, I have only ever been waiting at a traffic light for over one minute once and that was in Milton the neighbouring suburb. It is diverse and great for people with average incomes or those who are affluent. Very good public and private schools and there is a park entrance on almost every street!”


“Bardon is a quaint, leafy suburb close to the city. The Queenslander houses and narrow streets give the suburban old-world charm, and there are plenty of trees and greenery to lend this suburb a peaceful vibe. I have lived in this suburb for 15 years (on the “Rainworth” side of Bardon) and have always found it to be quiet, clean and safe. It is also very close to the restaurants of Rosalie and a short drive to the city. However, I do not recommend this suburb for anyone without a car, as the public transport is limited to buses that are not very reliable.”