Local Mum Calls For Improvements on Boundary Road in Bardon

A pedestrian crossing in Bardon may cause accidents in the future, according to a local mum who expressed her concern over the crossing saying that it should be more visible. The crossing is on Rouen Rd near the roundabout on Boundary Rd.

According to Georgine Hristovska-Gofton, she has noticed motorists speeding up on the road. She claims that because of the obscure crossing, it would be easily missed by motorist, and even by passersby.

The Department of Transport and Main Roads, on the other hand, reviewed the road and said that the accident history on the road from 2011 to 2017 only shows one incident. Hence, there are no additional safety improvement plans yet for the road.

Mrs Gofton compares the crossing to the ones in Sydney where she came from, and she said that the crossings there were raised so that motorists won’t have a hard time seeing them.

For now, it is important to remain alert on this road and review the guidelines by the TMR to ensure safety whilst crossing the streets. You can view the guidelines here.