Beans on the Green in Bardon Keeps the Community Closer Than Ever

Just beside the Bardon Bowls Club, what looks like a tin shed will capture your attention. This shed is actually a cafe called Beans on the Green, which is a local favourite. Locals are very much invested in the community here, which makes this place a great spot for everybody to get together a couple of times a week.

The cafe was established in 2012. Boasting of a green and lime exterior with a relaxed indie vibe will lure you in. Vintage pieces adorn the inside of the cafe.

Photo credit: Beans on the Green / Facebook

There is indoor and outdoor seating. The seats outside has overhead fans and potted plants for cooling during the hot summer days. If you want to soak in some vitamin D, you can sit on the seats further away on the synthetic grass with outdoor umbrellas.

This is also a great place for you to bring your kids; not only does it have a wide green space but it also has many toys to keep them entertained.

Bring your pups with you as well! You can sit down on the grass with a blanket whilst your pups run around or socialise with other pups.

Photo credit: Beans on the Green / Facebook

When it comes to their food, their menu is pretty simple offering some sandwiches and biscuits. Of course, most of the people who come here grabs a cup of joe – they serve Establishment coffee.

Just by the side of the cafe, you will notice mortals that are hand-painted, making the cafe a standout. This is also a perfect backdrop for your Instagram photos.

Photo credit: Beans on the Green / Facebook

Address: 69 Bowman Parade